RHamelon and KAOS

Stumbled upon this guy named Ryse Hamelon,

Apparently it has nothing to do with Son of Rome.

Still an Awesome Name


He started a bit back, but just started being more active.

Check out KAOS if you can, it looks pretty good, I like the idea




Okay, I’ll be brief,

I’ve decided to take a break from Demon’s Blade to focus on yet another whim.

The new project is entitled “Eternal Souls”

It’s loosely, and when I say that, I mean VERY LOOSELY based off the series I’m working on entitled “Relgea Chronicle”

The game will take place 500 years before the story line of R Chronicle, and is very loosely based off the book.

That being said, the main character, and characters from the book/series may or may not be used, which is why, once again I say Loosely based.

The main character Soul, and his brother Shiro…..Well, I should Post that somewhere it fits.

GO HERE TO READ THE INTRO. https://pharonix.wordpress.com/writing/eternal-souls-intro/

Anyway, that’s it for Eternal Souls.


Now for the Real-Estate System.

Throughout the game, the player will be able to purchase, and furnish homes, which can come with upgrades.

It can be anything from a 1-room shack to a 7-room+ mansion or castle.

I had problems before with determining the ownership of certain upgrades, as ground tile upgrades, tables and rugs, required a new map.

But I SOLVED IT. By giving the player an item for the upgrade, I can easily check whether you ‘own’ the upgrade.

It’s still in the beginning concept phase, but when I am finished, you can expect a post about it.


That’s all for now.

For anyone wanting to begin Rage of Bahamut the TCG, use my referral code mcq11114 when you finish the tutorial.

Until Next Time.



Let us all take a moment of silence for those men and women who lost their lives 11 years ago.

Our Families, Our Friends and Everyone Else, who wouldn’t come back.

As the proud Americans we are, we fought through the heartache and pain.

And we grew stronger as a nation who would not give into terrorism.

We keep our heads held high and look towards the future while remembering the past.

We will keep marching towards tomorrow until we no longer have the strength to do so.

And even then, when the odds are against us, we keep pushing forward.

For we are Americans. We will never give in. We will never surrender.

Let us remember those who died 11 years ago. And let us remember All the men and women who died

for our country. Let us remember them all for eternity, for they are all heroes.

Let us remember.


ImageLately I’ve gotten into Rage of Bahamut.

It’s a Free to Play, Trading Card Game from Mobage.

You can enhance, evolve and trade your cards as well.

And if you feel like paying, you can purchase Mobage coins which can be used to buy new card packs (Not really worth it unless you’re rich).

If you want the most out of this game, you will need to register your device. This allows you to earn more rewards.

If you readers decide to pick this game up, (Free to Download) My Mobage account is Pharonix. Also, after you complete the tutorial, use my referral code mcq11114 to earn 50000 rupies and a rare card to start you off.

I’m currently LVL 56, ranked 26k+th and a daily user and leader of the order Demon’s Blade. (Although we only have 9 members).

Hope to see you in the game.

Once again my code is mcq11114


Some Art from the game

Sometimes it can be difficult…..

I find it difficult sometimes to just force myself to sit down and work on something when I have a block. This can be writer’s block, or even mapping difficulties.

It sucks, trust me. When you are unsure of how to continue, it can be hard to do other things, whether it’s mapping a house or a building you may need, or even creating random story-line points and quests.

The sad part comes when you are excited about starting a project and once you get hours into making it, you start to get bored. This creates problems, not just for the developer, but for those who may end up playing or testing it. If the developer is bored, what’s to stop the consumer from being bored themselves. This is why an intriguing and immersive story-line is imperative. It not only keeps the consumer interested, but the designers and developers as well.

In other news, I will (hopefully) have a demo release available by late August – Hopefully by Aug. 25 – as that is the day I move in for my 4th year of college. Countless hours have been put into this project, not just by me, but SoulSavior13 as well and we still have not introduced every character yet. There’s no guarantee, but between the demo breaking near the supposed end, and the completion of the demo’s first full run twice (once by myself and once by SoulSavior13) The average time was around 2 hours, including random encounters and other battles. It is also extremely linear at this point with the demo, but as it expands, it will open up to the world map.

The world map’s non-completion is the current reason the demo is incomplete as the next part of the demo includes traversing the world map to get to a ‘certain’ city.

That is all for now, more updates in the future.

About our development – Part One: Workload and merging.

Many problems do arise when you have more than a single person working on a project. However, thanks to RMVX Ace’s layout and file hierarchy, it has become easier to do so.

While graphics will need to be shared, this is not a large problem. The main issue arises when one person begins work on several database sections. As large amounts of work are completed, it becomes difficult to continuously combine them.

This is easily solved by the following.

The database is separated in the file listings. This means events, enemy data and troop data are all separate. This means one person can continuously work on the aforementioned data files and when integration is executed only those three files need to be shared, these files also use a small amount of hard drive space.

What does this mean for large projects? It means work can be done on several areas while other parts are worked on, without losing time. If we had 2 people working on an enemy database, it would be difficult to share the information without using two separate projects to copy the data over.

Another benefit of Ace’s layout, is that even if certain database sections require another part, the required piece can easily be updated, but usually database objects won’t usually be delayed.

Mapping, this is more difficult to perform with two people and extremely time-consuming with one. Our trick to mapping integration is performed by the following.

Dummy maps: by creating dummy maps (maps with minimum size and left empty), we can create a dummy object in the file listing. Then by renaming the maps created to take the place of these to the appropriate name, as soon as the dummy objects are overwritten, a simple refresh of the project will show the newly created maps.