About our development – Part One: Workload and merging.

Many problems do arise when you have more than a single person working on a project. However, thanks to RMVX Ace’s layout and file hierarchy, it has become easier to do so.

While graphics will need to be shared, this is not a large problem. The main issue arises when one person begins work on several database sections. As large amounts of work are completed, it becomes difficult to continuously combine them.

This is easily solved by the following.

The database is separated in the file listings. This means events, enemy data and troop data are all separate. This means one person can continuously work on the aforementioned data files and when integration is executed only those three files need to be shared, these files also use a small amount of hard drive space.

What does this mean for large projects? It means work can be done on several areas while other parts are worked on, without losing time. If we had 2 people working on an enemy database, it would be difficult to share the information without using two separate projects to copy the data over.

Another benefit of Ace’s layout, is that even if certain database sections require another part, the required piece can easily be updated, but usually database objects won’t usually be delayed.

Mapping, this is more difficult to perform with two people and extremely time-consuming with one. Our trick to mapping integration is performed by the following.

Dummy maps: by creating dummy maps (maps with minimum size and left empty), we can create a dummy object in the file listing. Then by renaming the maps created to take the place of these to the appropriate name, as soon as the dummy objects are overwritten, a simple refresh of the project will show the newly created maps.


Hiatus and apologies

We (SoulSavior13 and myself) have been on Hiatus recently.

This is not an indefinite break, rather, we are using this time to discuss the best path for Demon Blade. – However, the discussion of a prequel HAS in fact arisen and I cannot confirm whether or not it will be developed, but I will say that it may be possible if the original is completed.

My main reason for going on hiatus is to pursue some more of my writing. Writing has helped to keep thoughts fresh and allow the creativity to flow.