Sometimes it can be difficult…..

I find it difficult sometimes to just force myself to sit down and work on something when I have a block. This can be writer’s block, or even mapping difficulties.

It sucks, trust me. When you are unsure of how to continue, it can be hard to do other things, whether it’s mapping a house or a building you may need, or even creating random story-line points and quests.

The sad part comes when you are excited about starting a project and once you get hours into making it, you start to get bored. This creates problems, not just for the developer, but for those who may end up playing or testing it. If the developer is bored, what’s to stop the consumer from being bored themselves. This is why an intriguing and immersive story-line is imperative. It not only keeps the consumer interested, but the designers and developers as well.

In other news, I will (hopefully) have a demo release available by late August – Hopefully by Aug. 25 – as that is the day I move in for my 4th year of college. Countless hours have been put into this project, not just by me, but SoulSavior13 as well and we still have not introduced every character yet. There’s no guarantee, but between the demo breaking near the supposed end, and the completion of the demo’s first full run twice (once by myself and once by SoulSavior13) The average time was around 2 hours, including random encounters and other battles. It is also extremely linear at this point with the demo, but as it expands, it will open up to the world map.

The world map’s non-completion is the current reason the demo is incomplete as the next part of the demo includes traversing the world map to get to a ‘certain’ city.

That is all for now, more updates in the future.


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