This site is mainly under construction and re-working so the pages I mention here may not be available at the time.

Most People know me buy my various user names around the web, but for Internet-Based purposes I go by Soul or Pharonix.

My real name is Ethan, I am a 21 year old college student majoring in Computer Science. I haven’t really been working on Demon Blade a whole lot (waking up at 4am to go to work at 5am until 10am is still tiresome).

About my works

I am not a scripter, I wish I was, but learning RGSS3 (Ruby Game Scripting System) is proving difficult. So I focus most of my Energy on Eventing

WHAT IS EVENTNING?   Eventing is the process of creating events through usage of variables, timing and switches. My major events include a Day/Night system which includes days of the week, years and the ability to synchronize with battles and inns in real-time. There is also my stamina system and my Party-Switcher events. More about these will be included in my RMVXA-EVENTS PAGE (Coming SOON!)

I am also currently working on a self-maintaining, and infinite BOUNTY-BOARD event, which will utilize many switches/triggers/variables etc. in conjunction with my Day/Night system to bring infinite quests.

I do take RMVX and RMVXA event requests, granted they are within my power.


I am an avid writer. I have a short story called Angel of Death finished, I am also working on a Series called Shinigami and my longer work, Demon Blade – on which the rpg I am creating is loosely based as a prequel (Still very different). These works will be included in my WRITTEN WORKS PAGE (Coming 2013?!)

I am also working on an original Series of unrelated stories that will be released under the Title SE7EN, there will of course, be Seven Stories, each one taking a shot at one of the 7 deadly sins. the first story, Feral, which won the 2nd R3 Writing competition is complete, and was based on Lust. Story Two, is entitled Ravenous and is based on Gluttony.


I do occasionally try to write music lyrics although they usually come out more poetic than song-like.

I do take requests for lyrics, provided the music is supplied.


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