Day / Night System

Since there’s no Post on Sunday…

I made a Day/Night System for RPG Maker VX-Ace, Complete with Minutes, Hours, Days and Years. With days of the Week with daytime from 8am to 8pm.. So now there shall be shops that are open from 9 – 5 and closed on Sunday. Fear the Awesomeness. I’m surprised it only took an hour to do so…..

Timed quests may be possible in the future should I choose to integrate a quest system

Nighttime aesthetic music may be possible though if I want a map to have different music than others, say towns to have different music from the field, which in turn is different from dungeons, then I would need to create map-based events. Still, not a problem.

Also, the time management system also keeps accurate time during battles.

Will update with screenshots and DL link in future.


Demon Blade

This blog is going to be used for updates regarding my

RMVX ACE project:


Currently, Titles and pictures are using the default Resources.

 The first line from the introduction movie.

 Because Opening credits are Awesome

 The First Demo Is being tested…Alot