Day / Night System

Since there’s no Post on Sunday…

I made a Day/Night System for RPG Maker VX-Ace, Complete with Minutes, Hours, Days and Years. With days of the Week with daytime from 8am to 8pm.. So now there shall be shops that are open from 9 – 5 and closed on Sunday. Fear the Awesomeness. I’m surprised it only took an hour to do so…..

Timed quests may be possible in the future should I choose to integrate a quest system

Nighttime aesthetic music may be possible though if I want a map to have different music than others, say towns to have different music from the field, which in turn is different from dungeons, then I would need to create map-based events. Still, not a problem.

Also, the time management system also keeps accurate time during battles.

Will update with screenshots and DL link in future.