Eternal Souls Intro

After Saten’s Revival The Forces of Darkness Grew in Power. As The Forces of Light Were Pushed to Their Very Limits, They Began to Turn to The Very Power They Feared, In The Hope That They Could Save Their Lands.

They Called Upon Terrible Creatures And Sent Them To Battle Their Foes. These Demons Called Golems Were Despised By Civilians, As a Soul Was Needed As a Sacrifice To Awaken The Beasts.

Lizore, in The West was Protected By A Treacherous River, And To The East Lies Eldenbridge, protected By The Mountains. Felden To The South Was Less Fortunate, For They Had No Natural Protection. And Due To This, They Turned To Those Terrible Powers Of Darkness.

Despite The Protests Of The Populace, And Ignoring Her Own Morals, Queen Victoria di Elyssia IV Gave Word To Begin The Construction Of Golems.

As The Guilt Of What She Had Committed Began To Overcome Her, Her Life Met It’s End And Balson Shroeder I Took The Throne.

Under King Shroeder’s Reign, The Kingdom Of Felden Had Finally Begun To Push The Dark Armies Back. However, With The Dark Beasts Occupying The Strategic Port Town Of Faire, Felden Had No Choice But To Await The Next Assault.

Just When The Armies Of Light Had Begun Their Counterattack, Two Men Appeared In The Dust. Soul, A Man Dressed In Black, And His Brother Shiro, A Man Dressed In White. The Two Men Were Masters Of The Sword And Were Found To Be Wielding Magic Of Darkness And Shadow.

As The Two Brothers Slew All Who Were In Their Way, They Were Given Names By The Survivors. Soul – The Black Reaper, Shiro – The White Demon. The Brothers Of Black and White, The Twin Snakes Of Death.

The Brothers Were Feared More Than Saten Himself, But Still The Forces Of Light Fought On.


The Armies Of Felden Have Weakened To The Point Where The Kingdom Is Nearly Taken. The Brothers Of Black And White Lead The Vanguard Of The Forces Of Darkness

This Is Their Story, The Story Of How Two Men Brought The World To Their Knees For The Dark King, For Saten.


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